Chasing Diversity And Inclusion, with Olanike Ayomide-Mensah


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This episode was recorded on May 27, 2020. Mickey visits with Olanike Ayomide-Mensah to talk about equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace; and how it intersects with leadership development. We discuss:

  • We've been chasing diversity and inclusion since the Civil Rights Act and making anemic progress. It's time workplaces face the truth about what it's going to take to see real change.
  • Nonprofit organizations have a unique opportunity to model and lead
  • The nonprofit sector will have to face some hard truths and be imaginative and courageous in forging a new path forward.
  • Nonprofits are good at treating individual problems, but not cultural problems.
  • How does one transform a culture?
  • Looking at an org’s policies and procedures, especially related to workforce planning, hiring, training & development, promotion and retention.
  • Equity and diversity in board governance
  • Equity in Philanthropy & Fundraising

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