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On today’s episode, Amanda and Vickie welcome fellow-podcasters, Rachel Kapp and Stephanie Pitts from Learn Smarter: the Educational Therapy Podcast, whose show is based on the work that they do as educational therapists in the greater Los Angeles area. They work one-on-one with learners with different learning profiles and teach them how to become independent and autonomous learners.

They started the podcast because not enough people know about educational therapy and the services that they offer, and since their services are rather expensive, they wanted to offer their knowledge to people who didn’t have access to therapy due to geographic location, scheduling conflicts, or financial considerations.

Rachel has an office in Beverly Hills, while Stephanie’s office is located in Redondo Beach.

Show Highlights:

  • People can claim to be “Educational Therapists” without having the background or training because the industry is not regulated. Please check the Association of Educational Therapists website to make sure that the person you’re interested in working with is properly certified.
  • Rachel and Stephanie provide an overview of their educational background.
  • Executive functioning is a huge area of need that they serve, but they also work with kids who have ADHD or need writing and math remediation.
  • Rachel and Stephanie share some of the most popular episodes of The Learn Smarter podcast, as well as a series that inspires hope:
  • 02: How to Calender
  • 10: ADHD and Executive Function
  • 20: The Perfect Storm: Writing and Executive Functioning
  • Success Stories Series
  • Learn Smarter’s fundamental beliefs are that all students want to please and all students are able to learn.
  • Not every parent has the same academic experience as their child and might have a hard time empathizing, so creating a deeper understanding from parent to child is very important.
  • Rachel and Stephanie relate their favorite success stories.


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