Episode Fourteen - Chris Booker, Saul Henry, Bez Ely


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Some podcast episodes reach infamy because of the insightful content within. Some podcast episodes reach infamy because of the hilarious content. If this podcast reaches infamy it will be because it's the one that drove Sam Wilkinson to madness.
IEE is hungry! Hungry for jokes! Hungry for facts! Hungry for a new Head Caterer! But which of our contestants has the best curry order? Which of them owns a vinyl copy of the Transformers: The Movie soundtrack? And which of them throws repeated strops over not getting enough points even though they never engage properly with the format? Obviously Chris Booker, the last one is clearly Chris Booker.
WARNING: Contains The Swears.
BEZ ELY is a bisexual Indian Irish gender anarchist who loves telling silly jokes on stage, improvising, acting, singing and playing bad guitar. They hate inequality. Their favourite age was 15. Their favourite song is “What Does the Fox Say?” by Ylvis. Find their website at bezelycomedy.wordpress.com
SAUL HENRY first rose to prominence as a child, when his entry in a balloon race traversed the North Sea from Sunderland to the Netherlands. For this remarkable achievement he was rewarded with a weekend in Doncaster. Once described as looking like an Atomic Banana he is usually seen dressed like an absolute bloody idiot on stage. He has a website at home-taping,com
CHRIS BOOKER is an irritating demon in the body of a child-man. His raison d'etre is to ruin podcasts. He has a website at https://www.chrisbooker.co.uk/ which you can use to send him irritating contact emails. In fact, if you do and send me a screengrab, I'll set you up with some merch.
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