Episode Ten - Lauren Douglin, Adam Tumber, Stacy Mellor


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Blasting about through time and space on a non-branded phone box has proven too much for the latest actor to play Generic Infinitely Regenerating Time Traveller Character, so it's time to scour some CVs and find a new candidate. But which of our candidates knows enough about feminism and the timestream? Who knows their classic silent cinema? And why does Stacy Mellor want to go back in time to witness her first time?
WARNING: Contains The Swears
LAUREN DOUGLIN, aka the Original Mixed Race Duchess of Sussex, is a comedian, actor and writer and can be found on all the socials @LaurenDouglin, where you can see what it's like surviving life as a 30 something cat mum by the sea. Funny Women One To Watch 2021, you can also see her on Amazon's The Girlfriend Experience and ITV's Buffering.
ADAM TUMBER is a comedian, MC, quiz show veteran and the man behind Gabriel Jones, corporate Angel. This is his third appearance on the show. He's on Twitter @AdamTComedy.
STACY MELLOR is on hiatus from doing creative things, apparently, but let me tell you she's a helluva comedian and MC. Look out for her return to the stage one day.
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