Episode Thirteen - Adam Tumber, Emily McQuade, Suzy Frost


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IEE is back from its tiny hiatus! The employees are sick of their dull boring clothes so it's time to hire a costume designer to make everyone look all sparkly and nice and that. Three of the most fashionable comedians ever to grace a Zoom call are here to fill the job. But which of our candidates will be first to compliment Sam's cardigan? Which of them can stuff a bit of heavy-handed satire into a play called One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Vest? And who, exactly, is Gef the talking mongoose and why does he deserve so many points?
WARNING: Contains The Swears
ADAM TUMBER is a comedian, MC, quiz show veteran and the man behind Gabriel Jones, corporate Angel. This is his fourth appearance on the show. He's on Twitter @AdamTComedy.
EMILY MCQUADE is is a stand-up comedian, writer, pen-hoarder, and regular contributor to the horror movie podcast ‘Devil Times Five’. Find her on Twitter @missmcq.
SUZY FROST, of recent Sheffield Telegraph article "fame" (thankfully not in the crime section this time) started doing comedy out of spite when her (now ex) husband told her she wasn't funny. 2 years and one pandemic later, she still hasn't taken the hint and is around 40 gigs in! She's also on Twitter @MadTeapotLady.
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