Episode Twelve - Alex Beighton, Chris Booker, Tom Solan


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It can't have escaped anyone's notice that Inform Educate Entertain can sound pretty rubbish at times. Luckily, three of the least-capable interviewees we've ever had on the show are here to sort that out. If they can operate a boom mic, so can anyone. But which of our candidates knows a surprising amount about space travel? Who has written a very rude play indeed? And why is so much of this week's episode about breakfast cereal?
WARNING: Contains The Swears and also some rather racy material, if you ask me. Really had to think hard about using the ol' censorship buzzer on this one.
ALEX BEIGHTON was birthed out of the Soho Theatre Stand Up Comedy Labs kicking, screaming and covered in amniotic fluid. Published in Coroney Baloney, t'ART Online and a writer on CNT Productions' 'The Sex Scene', Alex is also regularly gay and gross in front of willing audiences across the UK.
CHRIS BOOKER is a grown man in the body of a Queen-obsessed boy. I can basically say what I like about him here because he'll never read this bit. He's alright really, though. His website is at https://www.chrisbooker.co.uk/ and you can send him fake contact emails all day long, there's nothing he can do about it.
TOM SOLAN is a TV producer who has worked for a rival public broadcaster and made lots of shows that you’ve almost certainly never heard of, as well as a few that you probably have heard of but definitely hate. He once caught an egg with a tea spoon and can do a fantastic impression of a tram. I think he's done something on Channel 4's Complaints Welcome? Dunno.
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