Mich Hancock on Creating Authentic Digital Experiences


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"It's a matter of bringing out the best of who our clients are and putting the right words around it." – Mich Hancock

Today's guest is Mich Hancock, Founder & CEO of 100th Monkey. Mich started 100th Monkey when she recognized a real need to help older internet users and business owners get acquainted with social media platforms. She was inspired by the opportunity to provide a safe bridgeway to help her clients make social media work for them. A long period of personal hardship was the catalyst that sparked Mich into action. Also the Co-founder at TEDx Gateway Arch, Mich understands the power of stories. She uses her marketing savvy and warm demeanor to empower clients to create compelling and authentic ways of connecting digitally. In this episode, Mich joins Tyler and Leigh-Ann to talk about how personal triumph can lead to breakthroughs, how building more inclusive online spaces sparks new ways of thinking, crafting messages that bring out the best in clients, and much more!

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