St. Louis’ Novel and Noble Neighbor, Holland Saltsman


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“If you can get a book in the hand of a kid, that’s phenomenal. If you can get a book in a kid’s hand, and they get to meet that author, and they get to hear about the book and they get to hear about the process, odds of them picking up that book up and reading it are just tenfold.” – Holland Saltsman

Today’s guest is Holland Saltsman, Owner at The Novel Neighbor, “where people, art and books meet.” Holland opened the bookstore six years ago to fill a need for an independent bookseller, and it ended up being a place for connections. In this episode, Holland sits down with the team to discuss bookstores in the age of Amazon, hidden gems of the book world, creatively interacting with customers and keeping the business afloat during a pandemic, and much more!

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