The Art of Conversation with Pascal Beauboeuf


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“Sometimes what you feel in your gut is what you ignore all the time. You just go from what you’ve learned and what you’ve had programmed in your mind...rather than “what is my heart saying?”” – Pascal Beauboeuf

Today’s guest is Pascal Beauboeuf, Executive Producer and Host of The Pascal Show. Beauboeuf has always had a passion for conversation. Perfecting the art form has helped him discover his authenticity and voice. He believes the most meaningful conversations are heart centered and based on genuine feeling. His "heart over head" approach to people has helped him to amass nearly 100,000 followers on social media. In this episode Tyler and Leigh-Ann turn the tables, putting the host in the guest seat to find out what his idea of good dialogue is, the need for more public discourse on social justice, his process for scoring interviews, and much more!

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