The AFC in 2020...So Far


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We are very excited to share with you a special episode of the Inside Football with Bill Polian podcast. Today we have parked the way back machine and have entered 2020 to take an analytics based look at the AFC after the first six games of the season. In this and next week’s episode, we are going to give you the unique opportunity to see the NFL, not in the way the media delivers it, not in the way the fantasy analysts offer it up, but in the way the real guys do it. We are gonna give you the breakdown through the eyes of an advanced scout and a GM who did it so well he made it to Canton. We are going to learn who Bill thinks are the contenders in the AFC, who we should be worried about (the answer will surprise you), and what the big takeaways are after the first few weeks of this NFL season. So sit back, relax, and get ready to hear Bill's take on the AFC in 2020.

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