Tony Dungy, Part I


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In this week's episode of the Inside Football Podcast with Bill Polian, the guys begin their much anticipated three-part look at the football life of NFL Hall of Fame Coach Tony Dungy. In Part 1, the guys take a deep dive into the early days of Coach Dungy's football life as a QB at the University of Minnesota, to his time as defensive coordinator in Pittsburgh and with Dennis Green and the Vikings, then on to his leadership as head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We take a fun and insightful look at Coach Dungy's influences from Tom Moore, to Chuck Knoll and Bill Walsh. We get some never-before-heard stories of the kismet relationship between Coach Dungy and Bill Polian and some of Bill's takes on the biggest moments from the early days of Coach Dungy's career -- from the infamous Bert Emmanuel "catch," to winning in cold weather, to Bill's 1977 scouting report on Coach Dungy the QB.

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