Inside Health Care #48: The Policy Primer – Taskforce on Telehealth Policy – Part II


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We return to the Policy Primer for this edition of Inside Health Care.
The aim is to explain complex health care issues in a simple, readily understandable way for policy experts… and others who may not be brushed up on the details.
NCQA’s Director of Federal Affairs Paul Cotton joins us again to talk about the Taskforce on Telehealth Policy and it’s efforts to map a future for the newly embraced way of delivering care.
The committee releases its final report today. You can check it out at

Inside Health Care, What to Expect

This discussion covers the Taskforce on Telehealth Policy, the issues the Taskforce considered and how each applies to providers, plans and, most importantly, patients. NCQA’s Matt Brock hosts. Check out the blog that goes along with this discussion.

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