Episode 67: Billy Strings


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Seth and Rob had an opportunity to sit down with a young man who is setting on fire the traditional music-flavored wing of the jamband world, Billy Strings. The hosts in advance of the interview discuss Billy and his touring band, and then throw to the interview - conducted backstage at Terminal West just before Billy and his band performed there (all of the LIVE music you hear in the episode is from the Billy Strings show that night). Billy first picked up the guitar at the age of 4, and we learn about some of the many things that influenced him....his father......legendary musicians from Mac Wiseman to metal.....a powerful DMT trip....and the way he these days is positioning himself in anticipation of spending the majority of the next few years playing music around the world. Billy proudly relates how his father would sit him down and enthusiastically educate him on various artists, and Billy gets emotional as he relates a story about a night in Ohio when he got to return the favor and introduce his father to one of those artists, David Grisman. Billy tells of how this led to him and his father jamming with David and Del McCoury. Billy is clearly wise beyond his years, and we learn about how he more focused on keeping his career moving in the right direction than in the party which can surround the world of a touring musician - prioritizing his career even to more of an extent than many veteran musicians. He at this point in his life would rather feed his mind with a good documentary than his head with intoxicants. Billy talks about some of the decision points and inspirations behind his brilliant most recent cd, Turmoil and Tinfoil. Billy speaks about one of the many lessons he has learned while playing which forever changed his approach - this one delivered by Sam Bush without Sam saying a word. We also find out about how years later Sam himself brought forth his own similar story after Billy told him of this treasured learning moment. Billy then plays three songs exclusively for you, the InsideOut wTnS listener. The episode ends with Seth talking about Closer To The Sun and Rob relating some of his experiences seeing the quintet Max Creek in Rhode Island and Thom Yorke in Brooklyn. Then Jon Stickley offers some thoughts on Billy Strings, and a quick cover of one of Billy's funnier compositions, and the episode ends with the jam-licious pair of songs which ended of the first set from the same night as this interview.

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