Episode 89: Marc Brownstein, Jon Gutwillig (The Disco Biscuits)


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Seth and Rob first speak with Jon Gutwillig and we learn about how Osiris podcasts like Under The Scales, No Simple Road and this one inspired him to begin his own podcast. This podcast, Touchdowns All Day, in turn inspired his Disco Biscuits to return to active touring. Many other recent and past Gutwillig insights are revealed, including the ethos behind the new Biscuit "alter ego" Tractorbeam, and why having Marc Brownstein as a bassist has been pivotal to the continuing evolution of the band. Then we hear's Rob's conversation with Biscuits (and Star Kitchen) bassist Marc Brownstein, who also offers some of his feelings about Tractorbeam. We also learn how some mid-Roggae Mike Gordon arpeggios were part of the encouragement that ultimately led to Marc reassessing his whole approach to playing bass, and how gratified he is that new life has been breathed into the now-iconic Disco Biscuits. This is a fun, and in-depth conversation which traverses many topics and will be continued next episode.

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