Discover Powerful Positive Possibilities Especially During this Time!!! Dr. John DeMartini


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If you’ve ever wanted to stay inspired and find opportunity during this COVID-19 time, then do we have the show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with The Secret’s Dr. John Demartini, the best-selling author of over 40 books including The Values Factor. We’ll talk about staying inspired, overcoming your emotions, and maximizing your full potential, not despite, but because of this interesting time.

Key Points Discussed:

  • What’s happening with the ship with billionaires that you’re always on? (02:56)
  • Using his economics wisely to take advantage of the market fluctuations during this time and come up with back up plans (05:07)
  • Taking things and turning them into positive meaningful experiences (06:50)
  • The mindset that there is never a lack of opportunity and money for somebody who cares about humanity to find out what people’s new needs are (08:38)
  • How to turn crisis into opportunity by finding out who needs service (13:23)
  • Getting to our peak potential in life by being anchored in the present, not the past or future (16:29)
  • The highest priority action that we can do right now that will allow us to move closer to our objectives (20:51)
  • What’s the difference between fantasies and real objectives? (23:50)
  • Embracing stress and challenge so we can build resilience against everything that is coming our way (26:51)
  • What in the world are quantifiable fermionic states and what does that have to do with anything? (29:04)
  • The illusion that is failure and what to pursue in life to avoid the perception of failure (33:36)
  • The true meaning of being authentic and how it can help us do something meaningful with our lives (35:10)
  • Learning to train our minds to think of more possibilities (37:20)
  • Doing the value determination, prioritizing our lives, and getting specialized knowledge in the area that will allow us to accelerate and build momentum (40:50)
  • How he learned from Mahatma Gandhi to put his energy onto things that are more important (43:33)
  • What’s the importance of managing our emotions in terms of money and the stock market? (46:17)
  • Getting out of the downside we might be in so we can start to see the upside (50:18)
  • The 10 percent account: The power of managing money wisely (52:34)

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