HOW TO RE-ENGINEER YOUR LIFE!!! Self-Help Tips from Michael Sandler and CJ Liu


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If you’ve ever been looking for a better year ahead, then do we have the re-engineer your life, your whole life, show for you.

Today we’ll talk about stepping back, taking inventory, and how to step forward into your greatest life before it steps forward onto you. Plus we’ll talk about new formats, new order in the house, new ways of exercise, new ways of eating, new programs to record, new haircuts, chilly Thanksgiving, and so much more.

Key Points Discussed:

  • The donut maker and the needs versus wants discussion (02:43)
  • Getting caught by the airfryer bug (04:54)
  • How massively Amazon Prime one-day shipping affects the environment (08:27)
  • The amazing apple smoked turkey and what CJ’s Thanksgiving was like (10:14)
  • Running 10 miles up and down in a 10,000 feet incline within marathon time(19:01)
  • Keeping from getting despondent and sad from the frustration of going through the downhill walk of shame (28:37)
  • Simpler ways of doing things and being intentionally chill about everything (32:00)
  • Learning how to let go into it and Michael’s definition of success (40:00)
  • The antithesis of stillness during the holiday season (45:02)
  • Bringing peace to ourselves and those around us (48:09)
  • Getting the most beautiful flow outcome by breathing into it and asking exactly what you want (50:46)


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