How to Surrender, Let Go and Fly!!! Michael Sandler and CJ Liu


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If you’ve ever felt you’re driving or striving too hard, then do we have the surrender to the will of the universe show for you.

Today we’ll talk about what surrender really means, when to do it, why to do it, and why it doesn’t mean you’re weak. That plus we’ll talk about chanting and pranayama evolving, seeing big picture during change, skiing epiphanies, listening to your audience, trusting your gut, trips to Sedona, guest in India, publishing meetings and hearing back, chocolate brownies, and what in the world two feet of champagne powder have to do with anything.

Key Points Discussed:

  • The ease of things that comes when we surrender and go with flow (04:07)
  • The be and the do: Tips for being more present (05:30)
  • Continuously quieting the mind and then plugging in (07:18)
  • Letting go of the clinging and deep thought at a very deep level (09:20)
  • One of CJ’s 30-minute meditations and how it can take someone to a deeper peaceful state (12:00)
  • Living on the side of a ten thousand feet volcano and the amazing vortex experience there (14:58)
  • The transformative crystal bowl music and how toning with the bowls heals (18:32)
  • When our ego drives to fulfill our self desires and how to fulfill the divine through love (23:30)
  • Going to a deeper place in writing to create a conceptual flow and how hard it is (29:37)
  • Revering the supreme and being in a place where our heart is filled with the grace of God and love (31:47)
  • Michael’s meeting with his publisher and looking into how he can leverage the opportunities there to help Jessica step back (38:05)
  • Surrendering to the beauty of snow storms instead of focusing on the disruptions they cause (43:14)
  • The life information experience we already have when we are surrendering into the unknown (47:00)

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