Scientific Proof Your Heart Changes the Planet and People Around You!!! Plus a Guided Meditation from Howard Martin


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If you’ve ever wanted to feel greater peace and flow in your life, then do we have the HeartMath Experience show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Howard Martin, one of the leaders and founders of Heart Math, Co-author of the “HeartMath Solution”, and Co-creator of the HeartMath Experience.

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about global heart coherence, what it is, why it’s so important, and why we need to get in coherence now more than ever.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Global coherence and what it represents (03:19)
  • Are we currently going more out of coherence or into greater global coherence? (04:55)
  • What was going on when the current pandemic came about? (07:57)
  • What’s the intelligence of the heart? (09:33)
  • The importance of the electromagnetic ongoings in our hearts (12:21)
  • How the inner balance trainer helps people become more coherent (15:53)
  • All the great work that Howard and the global coherence initiative are doing (24:01)
  • The impact that solar flares have on the ionosphere which then impacts us (25:27)
  • The radiation of our emotions over the entire planet (30:04)
  • Is there a global tipping point we can hit as we raise our frequency during this time? (34:14)
  • How a small number of people operating from another level of their own personal coherence can affect a much larger change in the world (36:00)
  • What is a simple tool we can use to consciously bring ourselves back quickly? (38:22)
  • Zoom Coherence: Filling the space and creating connections more energetically than we would physically (43:14)
  • Using the hateful and spiteful stories out there to get ourselves back into our hearts so we can help heal everyone (48:17)
  • Doing more physical exercise to help in creating more fitness on the inside (50:00)
  • How important is it that we serve at this time? (58:18)
  • Standing at the doorway to a new and different world (1:01:00)

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