Kelly-Marie Kerr on The Yoga of Christianity: Understanding The Sacred Secretion


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Kelly-Marie and Amrit dive deep into Kelly-Marie's work that explores and reveals the parallels between Scripture and science.

They talk about what inspired Kelly-Marie to write her books, how she felt about having dreams and visions, how she primed herself as a receiver and “existence” as a vibratory experience.

They also converse about what she means about electric and magnetic devices, reconciliation between yoga and bible and the controversial side of it, courage needed to be true to herself and the term “communication to ourselves” mentioned in her book Elevation.

Kelly-Marie Kerr is a writer, YouTube creator and author of the best seller "The God Design: Secrets of the Mind, Body and Soul" ( and her recent book, "Elevation: The Divine Power of the Human Body" which is a study of the symbols and human alchemy hidden in the Bible Book of Revelations ( She is also the founder of "Seek Vision" and former actress.

She experienced clarity doing Daniel Fasting and felt vibrations down her spine. She saw flashing images of a black and white explanatory video on youtube, four animals from the book of Ezekiel and blue oil that took her to a deeper understanding of Kundalini energy.

Although Kelly felt love, gratitude and understood what she was seeing, she couldn’t figure out why this was happening. Afraid that no one would believe her, she continued to pursue her path anonymously, digging deeper into prayer, christian yoga and reading the bible.

In this episode, Kelly shares with us how she learned about the Sacred Secretion and how it helped her connect the dots and realize that she had been guided all the time while seeking her divine purpose.

The Sacred Secretion, or Christ Oil, travels through our spinal cord into the Pineal gland, causing us to see God face to face and be enlightened.

When you seek what is authentic to you, you start to become a good receiver of what you are looking for. Once you are a receiver, you can tap into whatever you are looking for at any given time.

Kelly’s journey wasn’t easy. Her sincerity and light had to fit in her real world and it didn't add up with people in her life. She discovered secrets, not just on a personal level but with the world around her. Kelly believes you have to find a balance between light and shadow. The way to deal with it is denying what doesn’t reconcile with what you are calling in on a vibratory level.

Tune In:

  • Welcome Kelly-Marie Kerr to Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)
  • Inspiration behind writing: (00:55)
  • How she felt about having dreams and visions: (06:07)
  • Priming herself as a receiver: (15:14)
  • Existence as a vibratory experience: (17:21)
  • About the head as an electric device and the heart as a magnetic device: (19:27)
  • Reconciliation between yoga & bible and the controversial side of it: (22:33)
  • Courage in terms of being true to herself: (38:19)
  • The importance of “communication to ourselves”: (44:10)
  • Get in touch with Kelly: (52:29)

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