How to Start a Furniture Company from Scratch and Serve Companies like Google with Greg Hayes of Branch


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Greg Hayes is the Co-Founder and CEO of Branch, an office furniture company. They’ve furnished companies like Google and Shopify with thousands of desks and ergonomic chairs and their office furniture company has appeared in many reputable publications. They make the most comfortable office chair and serve both large and small companies and even individual consumers. Their goal is to make it easy for teams of every size to create offices they'll love.

In this episode…

If you ever thought about starting or funding a furniture company, now might just be the best time to do it. The demand for office furniture has nearly tripled since the pandemic hit. Why? Because people are currently outfitting their homes with furniture that will help them maintain productivity and comfort while working. In fact, some are even adding outpost offices so they can work close to home but away from the kids.

One company that is currently serving this massive market is Branch. It started operations just over two years ago and they’ve already served big companies like Google and Shopify. They have since started accommodating individual clients which now turns out to be a great idea because of the shift in market trends.

Learn more about Branch and the topnotch furniture they offer from their very own CEO, Greg Hayes, on this episode of Inspired Insider. Tune in as Greg talks to Dr. Jeremy Weisz about the current trends in office furniture, how they shifted from serving big companies to doing direct-to-consumer sales, the challenges that he and his co-founders faced in raising and starting the company, and why he thinks it’s important to have an attitude towards finding a fix when facing low moments in business.

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