[Israel Business Series] How to Manage Over 20K Square Feet of Warehouse with Tiny Robots - Guy Glass and Reuven Della-Torre, CO-Founders, Caja Robotics


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Guy Glass is one of Israel’s e-commerce pioneers. He founded StyleRiver, the first fashion e-commerce site in Israel. As COO and CTO, Guy needed to address order fulfillment problems which led him to search for an economic warehouse robotics solution that offered adaptive processes that can work with their existing infrastructure and flexible enough to handle sales spikes.

In order to get the solution to his problem, Guy partnered with Dr. Ilan Cohen and Danny Frishman and they founded Caja Robotics in 2014. Caja Robotics is a visionary software and robotics expert that is changing the world of warehouse logistics through robotic fulfillment. Shortly after the foundation of the company, Reuven Della-Torre joined Caja Robotics and he currently serves as its CTO.

Reuven is an experienced CTO who has expertise in robotics, media content provision, telecom, web, and mobile markets. He has an in-depth knowledge of autonomous guided robots, warehousing, and video streaming communication.

In this episode…

The fast-paced growth in e-commerce has created a new problem for retail brands and logistics companies - warehousing and labor. They worry about maximizing their space, saving labor costs, expanding, and contracting their operations in order to meet demands. And one of the things that have proven to be incredibly helpful in addressing this problem is by turning to automation and robotics.

However, automation and robotics itself poses a different set of problems. How can these companies automate their 20k+ square feet warehouse using robots in a cost-effective way that is flexible enough to not rejig of their entire set up and processes? Caja Robotics has found a way to make automation and robotics work for multiple companies and they have successfully helped them with realizing their robotic fulfillment solution.

Listen to this episode of the Inspired Insider as Dr. Jeremy Weisz talks with Guy Glass and Reuven Della-Torre of Caja Robotics about how to manage a large warehouse efficiently using robots. Guy and Reuven will be discussing the idea, motivation, and funding behind Caja Robotics, how the Caja robots work, the problems they solve, and why their clients love them. Stay tuned.

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