[Israel Business Series] Ultrarunning & Product Market Fit with Lior Sion of Bringg


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Lior Sion is Co-Founder and CTO of Bringg, a SaaS technology that improves their client's pickup and delivery speed, capacity, and customer experience at scale. They've helped brands like Walmart, Coca-Cola, Panera, KFC, and many more.

Lior was previously CTO of GetTaxi and Clarizen. He is a serial entrepreneur with years of experience and know-how in disrupting the delivery industry.

In this episode…

The journey of building a successful startup comes with challenges that founders have to push through. It was no different for Lior Sion when he and his co-founder started Bringg. And although it wasn’t a walk in the park, Bringg is now able to help their clients make delivery efficiency a competitive advantage allowing them to grow their market share.

Tune in to this episode of Inspired Insider as Dr. Jeremy Weisz talks with Bringg Co-Founder and CTO, Lior Sion, about how his company helps businesses through their SaaS technology. Lior also talks about how they zeroed in on a product-market fit early in the game, how they were able to acquire contracts with big companies such as Coca-Cola, the companies they'll love to add to their client roster, and the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur.

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