Growing a Company to a Billion-dollar Valuation with Craig Weiss, Co-Founder and CEO of Retainer Club LLC


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Craig Weiss is the Co-Founder and CEO of Retainer Club LLC, a subscription healthcare service that provides subscribers with 3-D printed custom retainers. He was the CEO of NJOY, Inc. from 2011-2014 during which time he recruited and scaled to 130 employees across half a dozen countries, manufactured and distributed over 80 million units of the company’s products, achieved distribution in over 130,000 locations worldwide, and reached a $1 Billion valuation. Craig has eleven patents to his own name, including five for medical devices. He was also the managing member of a hedge fund that focused on publicly-traded companies involved in material intellectual property litigation.

In this episode…

Businesses everywhere hit a rough patch at some point in their existence. For some, the rough patch is merely a bump in the road while for others, they are obstacles that hinder you from achieving your success. Craig Weiss, co-founder of the Retainer Club and the Mouthguard Club has felt the two sides of the coin: being down in the dumps that you barely know where to start and reaching that point of success where you already have the capacity to pull others up with you.

Craig’s entrepreneurial journey is unorthodox and it is nothing short of amazing. From making his first investment in baseball cards as a kid to losing money on a failed business venture and to becoming the CEO of a company that had a billion-dollar valuation in just three years, his is a story that’s filled with wisdom and inspiration.

On this episode of Inspired Insider, Dr. Jeremy Weisz interviews Craig where they talk about growing a company to a billion-dollar valuation in just three years. They also discuss taking back control over his family business, what it was like to take on the FDA and winning against them, and what it was like to have everything crumble around you and then being able to rise from the ashes and come out stronger and more successful than before. Stay tuned.

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