Overcoming Grief, Hiring Amazing People, And Building a Successful Business with Chris Martinez of Dude Agency


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Chris Martinez is the founder of DUDE, a company dedicated to helping digital agencies take on more clients and scale up with flat-rate, unlimited web design development with the combined effort of their team in Tijuana, Mexico. Chris is obsessed with hitting deadlines and helping agencies grow by giving them all the benefits of outsourcing without the downsides.

In this episode…

When we look at business owners we tend to focus on their success and how amazing it is that they have achieved what they have achieved. But the path that brought them there, the challenges they faced is actually more essential when you’re looking to get inspiration for your own version of success. That is definitely true with the story of Chris Martinez. He is an exceptional guy who’s made a difference in himself and in others. His is an inspiring story of learning through pain and struggling with the acceptance of his own vulnerabilities and weaknesses in order to get the steady footing you need to create his own success story.

Chris is the founder of DUDE, the world’s #1 resource for web development and design support for digital agencies. His is an inspiring story of picking up the pieces and making something great out of the realization that time, people and opportunities lost cannot be gotten back. Now, through DUDE, Chris helps digital marketing agencies find the right people and processes to grow profitably. He talks about the system he created for hiring talent from unpopular places and arming them with tools, skills, and support they need to get a ton of web development and design projects completed on-time and on-budget.

In this episode of Inspired Insider, Dr. Jeremy Weisz talks to Chris about his triumphs and failures that led him to where he is now. They dive deep into the importance of accepting one’s vulnerabilities, how your reactions to situations can make or break you, the value of good habit and decision making processes, and what it takes to build a business that connects people in a seamless way. Stay tuned.

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