Episode 10 Season 4 Integrity Radio - Relationships Ugh


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Episode 10 Season 4 Integrity Radio - Relationships Ugh Denver has nice folks and pretty smiles awesome city with a country mountain flair. The protests/riots/desert topping/floor wax is out and popular as ever. Are the pitchforks out or is this a mild repeat? Only a paradigm change can tell. Z and Johan talk about the pain of breaking up a relationship especially when kids are involved. How Wing Chun Kung Fu has helped them through emotionally difficult times. We need your help to get Johan his first computer so he can start doing video editing. Contribute any amount at https://paypal.me/SifuZ You can also purchase merch from our website https://sifuz.com Currently we have sexy Mauna Kaua long sleeve shirts. We will have more products up soon all hand chosen and tested by on our show and in training. Thanks for listening to Integrity Radio. Stay Tuned!

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