S3E27- A NEXT 2020 Preview, Sports, and WFH Fails


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Welcome back to Intellicast! We have a jammed-packed episode for you. Andrew DeCilles joins Brian Lamar and Producer Brian to talk the latest market research news, a new study on sports and its impact on society, virtual conferences and work-from-home fails. The episode kicks off with the guys talking how some sports leagues are starting to release plans to resume play and the economic and mental health impact of it. This leads directly into a discussion of a recent report by JWB# Media Insights on how essential sports is to Americans. The guys each give their perspective, not only of the results, but also their personal perspective (which differ greatly). The conversation takes a bit of a philosophical turn, where they guys talk how sports can be an escape for many and what that means during the pandemic. In the next segment, Brian Lamar gives us a new research rant that is very timely. In a turn, Andrew and Producer Brian actually push Brian on the rant, and it leads to a discussion about why research needs to be conducted, but how messaging and positioning need to be considered. Andrew then gives us his own rant, but instead of a research rant, he gives us a sales rant. His rant (or more venting) is about not being able to see clients face-to-face. Andrew totally understands the reason for no travel, it is more about how he likes to sell and how it is impacting him. Producer Brian just thinks it because Andrew has been at home with 2 children under the age of 3 for the last 2 months and needs to get some sleep. After the rants, Brian gives us a preview of the upcoming NEXT conference, which is the first of the traditional in-person conferences to go virtual. The guys talk about some of the sessions, as well as the impact of the conference going virtual to different types of attendees. They also speculate on if this is going to be an ongoing trend even after the pandemic is over. We then bring back Mount Rushmores – this time on the topic of work-from-home fails. In the final segment of the episode, we touch on the latest market research news, include the new position for Jake Pryszlak, COVID’s impact on the UK market research industry, a new Dunn & Bradstreet report on data quality, and the new board members for Samplechain. We hope you enjoy! You can learn more about EMI’s new DIY sample platform, CONNECTOR, and request a demo by visiting our website at www.emi-rs.com/connector/. The new edition of EMI’s annual report on the sample industry, The Sample Landscape, is now available! You can download a copy of this insightful report on how the sample industry differs, and what you need to know to navigate this industry. Download it here: http://www.emi-rs.com/the-sample-landscape/ You can discover more about the industry COVID-19 insights and resources, including EMI’s research and blogs by visiting here: https://emi-rs.com/covid-19-research-and-resources/ Got a suggestion or feedback? Reach out to us at Intellicast@emi-rs.com, or on Twitter at @Intellicast1, or leave us a voicemail on our call-in line 513-401-5463.

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