15. Under the Blacklight: COVID in Confinement


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Join us Weds 5/6 for the next live episode in our “Under the Blacklight” series - a conversation on how whiteness is being mobilized to “re-open America,” with Carol Anderson, Alex DiBranco, Joe Lowndes, Mab Segrest , Dorian Warren, and Jason Wilson. RSVP: bit.ly/AAPFcovid7 ~~~ On Episode Six of “Under The Blacklight,” Josie Duffy Rice, Nina A. Kohn, Marc Lamont Hill, Rebecca Nagle, Ravi Ragbir, and Alyosxa Tudor map the devastating path of COVID through various locations of confinement — including prisons and jails, immigration detention centers, Native country, nursing homes, and the home — and examine the historical precedents, ideological frameworks, and surprising intersections between these seemingly separate sites that inform this movement and offer us a path forward. Speakers: JOSIE DUFFY RICE -- Journalist and Lawyer; President of The Appeal; Host of Justice in America NINA A. KOHN -- Visiting Professor of Law, Yale; Professor of Law,, Syracuse University; Elder Rights Advocate MARC LAMONT HILL -- Best-selling author and journalist; Professor, Temple University; Host, BET News REBECCA NAGLE -- Writer and community organizer; Host of This Land Podcast RAVI RAGBIR --Immigrant rights activist; Executive Director, New Sanctuary Coalition of New York ALYOSXA TUDOR -- Senior Lecturer in Gender Studies, the Centre for Gender Studies at SOAS, University of London (Read full bios here: aapf.org/under-the-blacklight-covid19) Hosted by Kimberlé Crenshaw (@sandylocks)Produced and Edited by Julia Sharpe-LevineAdditional support provided by Awoye Timpo, Emmett O’Malley, Michael Kramer, Alanna KaneMusic by Blue Dot SessionsFollow us at @intersectionalitymatters, @IMKC_podcast

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