21. Under the Blacklight: Telling Stories of State Violence & Public Silence


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On this installment of "Under the Blacklight," the mothers and sisters of the #SayHerName Movement -- Fran Garrett, Rhanda Dormeus, Maria Moore, Sharon Cooper, Gina Best, and Sharon Wilkerson -- join Kimberlé Crenshaw for a very special episode. Through telling the stories of their loved ones, the women weave together the experiences that bring them together in a sisterhood of both sorrow and strength. Support the #SayHerName Campaign: aapf.org/supportshn Support Say Her Name: The Lives That Should Have Been (Original Play): http://bit.ly/shnplay Speakers: GINA BEST - Mother of India Kager, killed by Virginia Beach police in 2015 SHARON COOPER - Sister of Sandra Bland, killed in custody in Waller County TX in 2015 RHANDA DORMEUS - Mother of Korryn Gaines, killed by Baltimore police in 2016 FRAN GARRETT - Mother of Michelle Cusseaux, killed by Phoenix police in 2014 MARIA MOORE - Sister of Kayla Moore, killed by Berkeley police in 2013 SHARON WILKERSON - Mother of Shelly Frey, killed by Houston police in 2012 Hosted by Kimberlé Crenshaw (@sandylocks) Produced and Edited by Julia Sharpe-Levine Additional support provided by Jade Allen, Loulou Batta, Ivory Fu, Alexandra Moore, Whitney Thomas, and the African American Policy Forum Music by Blue Dot Sessions Follow us at @intersectionalitymatters, @IMKC_podcast

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