Rising Light: Clearing, Cleansing, and Revitalizing Humanity's Energy Field


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We enter a significant phase of 2020 as the Jupiter - Pluto conjunction begins in April 2020 and changes the world permanently and intensely. The underworld of our planet is being excavated and we are experiencing an 'energetic flip' on the planet, which is why Lightworkers and Starseeds chose to be here at this time. In this episode, I also share with you a story I've been sitting on for 18 years about a very powerful and rich person who has been involved in nefarious acts and there seems to be a big turn in his career - is this year finally his downfall? The astrology is quite interesting and certainly corresponds with the theme I've been talking about since 2018 - "when heroes become zeros". Lightworkers, Starseeds, Healers, and Galactic Allies are here for this phase in our journey - GAME ON! Even after the darkest of days and hardest of times, the LIGHT will shine brighter and the Sun will continue to rise each morning. Hindsight is 20/20, and much of the year 2020 will be viewed with clearer vision in the years to come. Full astrology for April for only $11 USD when you use code ARIES at checkout. More details here: https://www.mollymccord.online/monthly-astrology-webinars Astrology 101 Course For Your Soul's Growth ~ Learn to interpret your natal chart in this on-demand course with 6 classes. More info here: https://www.mollymccord.online/p/intro-astrology-course Sign up for weekly intuitive astrology updates and learn more about your astrology chart here: https://tinyurl.com/yb25s6vw

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