Separate Journeys: Venus and Mars Through February and March 2020


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Venus and Mars are traveling different enegy paths over the next few months, and we are to wisely understand how to contain ourselves as needed in our expectations. Venus, the Feminine, is needing more time to herself as Mars, the Masculine is out in the world asserting himself and following a strong sense of purpose. Mars also voyages across the Galactic Center on Feb 12 and 13 and receives a higher blast of Truth and cosmic consciousness. The Feminine and Masculine each have different needs, intentions, and desires, which you could feel within yourself as well as in relationships of all kinds. Mercury is now in retrograde shadow, slowing down what we need to figure out in our heads, and asking us to look at how we can trust what feels right, even if we don't have the information. More to share in this podcast episode. ~ February Soul Growth Astrology Webinar now available. Use code AQUARIUS to get it for only $11 USD. More details here: ~ 2020 Soul Growth Astrology Webinars ~ The major astrology of 2020 and how it will show up in your natal chart. Use code RARE to get it for $25 USD. Check it out:

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