Staying In Your Light Into 2020 and Beyond with Erika Elmuts


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We are moving through escalating astrological and global energies of 2020 and beyond, which is requiring us to maintain higher energies as the 3D world comes crashing down. The lightworkers of the planet are being called en masse to serve their missions NOW. To support those in alignment with 5D frequencies and following their soul mission (or wanting to!), intuitive channel and guide Erika Elmuts is here to share her tips for navigating this energy terrain and maintaining your soul's light. We'll talk about the shadow energies that can show up and creep in, as well as how to not let any interference to take you off of your path. I also add in the astrological connections in your chart. More about the Soul Growth Accelerator Program ~ 40% off with coupon code MOLLY About Erika Elmuts: Using a blend of naturopathy, energy healing, spiritual counseling, channeling and intuitive guidance, Erika's expertise spans multiple disciplines, which share the same common thread ~ applying universal consciousness and principles to all aspects of life: to your health, within your family and your children, in your intimate love relationship, and to your soul. Erika has written for The New York Times, and appeared on The Ricki Lake Show, The Insider, Entertainment Tonight and NBC’s Today Show online. She has been a regularly featured health and parenting expert on San Diego News 6 and Fox 5 San Diego and has been a guest on several national radio shows. Erika is a naturopath trained in clinical nutrition, biofeedback, essential oils, homeopathy, vibrational medicine, applied kinesiology, flower essences, Aura Soma therapy, and energy psychology. She has a B.A. from Harvard and an M.B.A. from Babson College. Erika on YouTube:

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