Weekly Intuitive Astrology and Energies of January 8 to 15


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One of the most powerful weeks of the year is here, and it is requiring us to move into new consciousness around ourselves, our lives, and the world. The Cancer Lunar Eclipse occurs on January 10; Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 22 degrees Capricorn is on Jan 12; and the Sun conjuncts Saturn and Pluto on January 13th. Mercury in Capricorn is bringing our attention to important decisions and commitments that need to be made that serve where you are going now. Mars in Sagittarius is a bit rogue as he travels from 3 degrees to 8 degrees and doesn't aspect any other transiting planet. Pay attention to the messages from your body as we are feeling a lot of energies that are new and fresh, and you can trust what your body is motivated to do next. More to share in this week's show. ~~~ New! Monthly Astrology Webinars ~ January Soul Growth Astrology now available. Use code CAPRICORN to get it for only $11 USD. More details here: https://www.mollymccord.online/monthly-astrology-webinars ~~~ 2020 Soul Growth Astrology Webinars ~ The major astrology of 2020 and how it will show up in your natal chart. Use code RARE to get it for $25 USD. Check it out: https://www.mollymccord.online/2020-astrology-energies

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