Your Moon, Your Mars, and Moving Through Uncertain Times with Trust


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We are equipped with a deep soul wisdom that is guiding each of through these big world changes. Let's take a look at the importance of your energy guidance systems, including your Moon, your Mars, your Rising Sign, and your 6th house for how you can make the best choices for what you need. We'll also look at the free energy practices you can incorporate into your life to help move lower energies up and out into higher expressions. Plus a visualization of what is possible as we practice trust, grace, and the potentials of abundance on the planet. More to share in this bonus podcast. Elevate your energy with 12 Universal Spiritual Laws that reunite you with your soul's energy. Over 3 months, you'll be guided to harness your power and higher choices with a special blend of astrology, channeled messages, Real World examples, worksheets, and audio recordings. Use code VIBRATION to get $6 off each month. More details here: All current online courses and programs:

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