1-8-2021: How Best To Plan And Meet Financial Goals During Unstable Times


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Despite a chaotic 2020, many Americans retained a sense of financial stability-- but when is it time to create a better plan with the help of a professional advisor?

Today's Stocks & Topics: UGI - UGI Corp., Jobs Report, Artificial Intelligent Technology, Hyundai & Apple, JNJ - Johnson & Johnson, RIO - Rio Tinto PLC ADR, LAZR - Luminar Technologies Inc., FVE - Five Star Senior Living Inc., DDD - 3D Systems Corp.

TRIVIA QUESTION: "When was the Dow Jones first calculated-- which year? And-- if we look at the YEAR HIGH for 2020 and COMPARE it with the YEAR HIGH for 1920 (a 100 year spread)... how many times higher was the DJIA in 2020?"

Plus: Key Benchmark Numbers and Market Comments for: Treasury Yields, Gold, Oil and Gasoline.

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