061: Horse Trainer Follows Her Heart & Becomes Financially Independent


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Cynthia Maugard grew up loving horses, but was always told not to turn her passion for animals into her life’s work.

After graduating with a masters in Business & Logistics, she decided to travel the world, working many horse-related jobs along the way. Her experience eventually led to meeting her husband Pierre — a horse trainer and teacher who was trying to build his business, but struggled to do it alone. Before long, Cynthia and Pierre teamed up to build the business together.

Skeptical that horse training could be taught online, she soon realized after launching to 400 new members that anything was possible.

Today, Cynthia shares how she turned her unique combination of skills and passions into a thriving business — and how the predictable income of a membership gives her the freedom to show up fully in business and life!

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