063: Follow Your Curiosity To Success


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Debbie Viola was always interested in art, but her guidance counselor didn’t allow her to take art classes in high school. Immediately after graduation, she became a legal secretary, and spent 23 years working for a fast-growing, high-paced law firm. Though she was great at the work, she hated how it made her feel like a robot.

Everything changed on 9/11, when she was in Manhattan as the World Trade Center fell. Immediately after the tragedy, she decided to quit her job and pursue a career in art. Now, at The Creative Connection Painting Club, Debbie is doing more than just building a virtual community of women who paint together each month – she’s helping them experience the therapeutic power of making art while she supports her family.

Today, Debbie joins the podcast to share the story of the day her life changed forever, how her love of art and her natural talent led to her second career, and why it’s never too late to jump into something new when you follow your truth.

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