065: How Joann Built A Successful Membership Around Helping Others Mourn


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At the age of 60, Joann Filomena’s husband died suddenly and unexpectedly, and she was laid off from a job she loved. As she grieved, she took a new job, but found herself unhappy. She soon realized that she wanted to leverage her own life experiences to coach other widows through the trauma and pain of profound loss.

Now, at Widow Coaching Center, Joann helps widows cope with their own grief. She empowers them to become widow coaches themselves, providing the resources they need to build and grow businesses doing unique, powerful work that traditional therapists and grief counselors don’t fully understand.

Today, Joann joins the podcast to share the story of how she built a new life and career after her tragic loss, how she quickly mastered social media and online business, and how the membership model has allowed her to do work she loves for the rest of her life.

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