067: Survival Trainer Turns Expertise into a Powerful Membership Business


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During the Great Recession of 2009, Lisa Bedford’s husband’s construction company went from getting 50-60 client calls a day to zero. To distract herself from her fear of going bankrupt, she started building emergency preparation kits. Soon, she started blogging about prepping and survival from a uniquely female perspective, using her background in education to help others feel empowered and in control even during times of crisis.

Now, at Survival Mom Sisterhood, she teaches women vital prepping and survival skills for any situation. Whatever the crisis, they know they’ll have the mindset, gear, and knowledge their families can depend on. Her community has taken on a remarkable life of its own, providing mentorship, master classes, monthly challenges, and expert support.

Today, Lisa joins the podcast to share how she cultivated a truly unique niche in a field dominated almost exclusively by men, took the leap from teaching to sales, and how she turned ten years of blog posts and a book released by a major publishing house into a thriving membership business.

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