069: Former Attorney Helps Salon Owners Transform Their Businesses


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Brandie Bracy always had the entrepreneurial bug, but pursued a career in law to keep her family happy. When she realized it wasn’t the right fit for her, she left to start an all-female cabinet painting company in a male-dominated industry in Nashville. While there, she realized she was an even better marketer than she was a painter, and found her life moving in a new direction yet again.

Now, at Salon Business Academy, Brandie helps salon owners grow their businesses while building lives they love. She is able to focus on her kids and her husband like never before, imparts valuable and unique knowledge, and has finally scratched the entrepreneurial itch.

Today, Brandie joins the podcast to tell the story of how she took the leap of faith from the corporate world, how she uses her formal education in new ways, and how she’s transforming the lives of thousands of women to incredible effect.

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