070: The Counselor Helping Women Get Unstuck


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After 10 years of working as a school counselor, a faith-based counseling course changed Melissa Bezotte’s life forever. She launched her Christian counseling practice 10 years ago, and despite having never done any marketing, she and her team of therapists have always had a full schedule. However, Melissa’s huge waiting list for new clients meant that she was always at capacity and unable to give more of herself to people.

After working with a business coach who had a membership site of their own, Melissa launched The Inspire Collective. She helps women achieve success, balance, and freedom by providing the community, tools, and inspiration needed to take them to the next level professionally, relationally, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Through the membership model, she can offer more of her authentic self to her clients than ever before.

Today, Melissa joins the podcast to share the story of how the membership model solved some of her biggest personal and professional challenges, how she transitioned from business owner to online entrepreneur, and why all you need is a vision and a true understanding of your why to launch a life-changing business.

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