072: Helping Aspiring Realtors Become Business Leaders


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When Tracy Henning entered the real estate industry at the age of 21, she found herself up against extraordinarily stiff competition. The early rejections and harsh criticism showed her how much more effective she could be if she started to think outside the box, and she soon became one of the leading realtors in her market. However, after she adopted her newborn daughter, she knew she wanted to spend more time at home.

Now, at PorchLyte Social Academy, Tracy passes on her experience and learnings from her industry on to other aspiring realtors. She helps her members generate leads and stand out from the competition, without running newspaper ads, making cold calls, buying billboards, or any of the other sales tactics her generation relied on.

Today, Tracy joins the podcast to share stories from the real estate industry, how she uses the membership model to mentor others, and the power of creating a community for people working in what can be a lonely, cutthroat profession.

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