073: Actor Turned Consultant Helps Online Sellers


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Kathy Terrill is a New York City-based actor who has appeared in a number of off-Broadway and regional theater productions, as well as a number of episodes of All My Children. Because her acting work was largely seasonal, she took on a side gig as a product presenter for QVC. However, when her mother fell ill and she needed to stay in Manhattan to be there for her, she found herself decluttering her life on eBay.

Her deep understanding of sales from QVC helped her rapidly grow her business, and she soon found herself on eBay’s radio show, attending conferences, and winning awards like eBay’s Small Business Advocate Award in 2016.

At her site, I Love To Be Selling, Kathy shares her knowledge of what works (and what doesn’t) in sales with other aspiring sellers. She uses the membership model to deliver a thoughtful, focused plan of action for any online seller looking to grow.

Today, Kathy joins the podcast to tell the story of how she developed a perfect storm of qualifications in her industry, why she felt like a product creating machine when she first dove into the online world, and what makes the membership business a perfect fit for her unique offering.

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