074: Raising a Generation of Thriving Artists


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Matt Tommey has been an artist for his entire life. After several years in the ministry and a career in marketing that was cut short by the Great Recession of 2008, Matt had a dream in which he raised a generation of artists. He acted on it by writing his first book, Unlocking the Heart of the Artist. Soon, he was on the road all the time doing events, and he worried that he had become a creative who never had any time to create.

Now, at Matt Tommey Mentoring, he helps his fellow Christians make art, thrive in a positive community, and achieve success. His tools and strategies apply to people working in any creative expression and have had a powerful ripple effect.

Today, Matt joins the podcast to share the story of how his initial dream, which didn’t quite make sense to his fraternity brothers back in college, led him to publish six books, create a successful e-course, host a podcast with over 10,000 weekly listeners, and lead several conferences for Christian artists a year - all on his terms.

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