075: Copywriter Follows Her Passion and Empowers Writers to Succeed


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Belinda Weaver pursued a “safe” career in IT and worked as a computer programmer, but soon discovered that things were much more fun in her company’s marketing department. She got bored in her niche and was looking for a new opportunity when she discovered freelance copywriting. She soon built a business that gave her newfound freedom and the opportunity to quit her job.

Now, at Confident Copywriting Membership, Belinda teaches other copywriters how to build thriving businesses, express themselves, and get results. She gets to do what she loves every day, helps others succeed, and has scaled her income and availability by going beyond one-on-one client work.

Today, Belinda joins the podcast to share the story of walking away from a safe education, career, and niche to pursue something she truly felt passionate about. You’ll learn how she turned her expertise into powerful learning materials and gives the gift of her life-changing opportunity to others.

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