076: Digital Marketer Teaches People How to Grow their Business with Funnels and Facebook Ads


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For 11 years, Cody Burch was the engineer in the back of the room, handling every aspect of his company’s digital marketing efforts. When he started to work for a number of coaching clients he really admired, he got inspired and started his own agency. However, after an infamous Facebook outage left him running ad campaigns all day on Thanksgiving, he decided that his successful business needed to change.

Now, at One Hour Funnel, Cody offers a coaching business and a membership, empowering entrepreneurs to take back control of their marketing. He helps them leverage Facebook ad spend correctly, provide real service to their customers, and build high-converting funnels in record time.

Today, Cody joins the podcast to share his journey from engineer to founder, why the membership model suits his life better than one-on-one client campaigns ever did, and why you have to stop living small to make great things happen.

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