077: Former Journalist Uses Her Unique Interests To Help Others Build Dream Businesses


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Angel Santos landed what she thought was her dream job working in television. However, she soon discovered that her true love was stories, not news, and she felt like her creative side was dying. She started a nonprofit to produce Christan films and introduce kids to media production, but earned only $535 in three years.

She took a day job as a marketer and began learning about business, and soon had a revelatory experience at a conference. She was told she had an “expensive hobby” - not a business - and set out to make big changes.

Now, at Course Creation Academy, Angel combines her unique combination of interests into a membership that helps others build their dream business. She empowers people to structure their unique expertise and experience into online courses or programs, live with purpose, and achieve success with less hustle and more peace.

Today, Angel joins the podcast to share the hard lessons she learned from three years of struggle, how she turned something supposedly impractical into a thriving business, and how others can use their own skills to do the same.

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