078: Wildlife Biologist Turned Science Teacher Empowers Educators (and Students)


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Jackie Grundberg worked all over the world as a wildlife biologist before settling down and becoming a biology teacher. When she needed to work in a Montessori grade school to practice the style of teaching she loved, she made a breakthrough discovery: she could effectively teach high school-level science to 4th-6th graders by incorporating experiential learning.

Now, at Backpack Sciences, Jackie helps educators earning their Montessori credentials overcome the overwhelm of teaching science. However, with schools having closed as a result of COVID-19, she’s shifted her membership to focus on providing direct educational tools and learning experiences for kids at home.

Today, Jackie joins the podcast to tell the story of the IMAX movie that changed her life, how the Montessori principles and the membership model go hand in hand, and why you don’t need to know anything about marketing - or have it all together from day one - to create an empowering membership business.

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