082: Helping “Petrepreneurs” Niche Down and Find Freedom


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At 19, J. Nichole Smith adopted a Great Dane and soon found herself knee deep in the world of pet photography. After a trademark licensing agreement left her with over $50,000 in debt and the brand she partnered with never delivered, she moved into the world of retail. She opened physical brands in Los Angeles and London, but soon discovered that her dream businesses didn’t make her happy.

Now, at Working with Dog, she helps other “petrepreneurs” find their why and build niche brands. She guides them on their personal growth journey, stops them from developing what she calls Shiny Object Syndrome, and has helped build thriving businesses successfully and repeatedly across a number of different markets.

Today, J. Nichole joins the podcast to talk about why serial entrepreneurship is a marathon and not a sprint, how to stop fear from getting in the way, and why building a business - and overcoming any challenge in life - help you understand yourself in ways you’ve never allowed before.

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