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This week, I chat with my friend James Rankin. James is a 20-year old serial entrepreneur and YouTuber who is one of the most passionate hustlers I’ve ever met.

After dropping out of college at 18, James went full-tilt into building the life of his dreams by listening to his gut and starting his own coffee company, North Brew. What started off as a strictly e-commerce business, James has now gotten into 20+ stores and aims to grow and expand MUCH further.

And if that wasn’t impressive enough, James recently launched ANOTHER business, Maple Tea Company. When he’s not busy doing all that, you can find James documenting his journey on his YouTube channel or delivering motivating entrepreneurship speeches to local high schools and universities,

In this episode, we chat about his amazing story, the importance of sales, having a resilient mindset, public speaking and much more. I’m genuinely inspired by this dude’s hustle and I’m sure you will be too.

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