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This week’s guest is Jamey Lee. Jamey is a videographer, content-creator, world-traveller & explorer, and as recently as this year, a huge TikTok influencer. That’s right! Jamey merged his adventurous personality, passion for adventure and video skills to create a massive platform on TikTok with nearly 30,000 followers.

He makes incredible videos and clips featuring amazing landmarks such as waterfalls, trails, and beautiful scenery. For my Ottawa people specifically, he has done an incredible job showcasing the beauty around the national capital region.

But that’s not it - Jamey plans to travel to every single country in the world and spread his positive message of connecting communities. I really vibe with this guy and you will too.

Make sure to shoot him a follow on instagram and TikTok @JamesLifee and enjoy the episode!

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Enjoy today’s episode and just remember, it’s not that deep!

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